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About SWFT Blockchain

SWFT Blockchain is a platform that allows users to transact in cryptocurrencies. Established in 2017, the company has the backing of renowned investors Draper Dragon and Node Capital. With over 800+ cryptocurrencies available on the platform and access to 50+ public blockchain networks, SWFT Blockchain offers a comprehensive suite of services for crypto users., SWFT Blockchain is a trusted partner for anyone looking to engage with the world of cryptocurrencies.

Our Products


After registration, you can use one-click cross-chain swap in the wallet, as well as multiple additional functions including social media red packets, payment, aggregate transactions, group buying, wealth management, mining pools, etc.


SWFT Web Swap

The H5 cryptocurrency exchange platform combines speed and security, facilitating effortless cross-chain transactions. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the trading process, making it ideal for efficient and secure exchanges across various blockchains.

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Largest selection of currencies

SWFT Blockchain products support over 300 cryptocurrencies across Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Polygon, Polkadot, OKExChain and TRON.

Over 35,000 direct trading cross-chain pairs
Fastest growing selection of cryptocurrencies
Multiple blockchains and layer 2 networks

Built on a robust and powerful platform

SWFT Blockchain products are built on over six years of cross-chain development experience holding security at its core.

Multi-layer security for all transactions
Trusted by over 100 API wallet API partners
24/7 Dedicated support

Best rates

SWFT Blockchain products are programmed to find and select the best rate across diverse set of exchanges, DEX, CEX, bridges, and more!

Connected to over 30 CEX and DEX
Discover the most efficient trading route
Trade safely with fees as low as 0.1%*

Even lower fees for loyal supporters

All wallets that hold 500,000 SWFTC or more will receive 50% off fees on all transaction on SWFT AllChain Swap, dropping fees to only 0.1%.

What our users say?

"First impression, UI is great and clean. It's very easy to use. With swft, I would be able to easily swap countless tokens in the market in just one click. It would help me a lot instead of going to and from exchanges. Great app! Kudos to the swft team!"

Christopher Cagadas

"Excellent program and the most beautiful customer service is characterized by fast response"

Ahmed Shoeir

"This dapp is incomparable - it has a good interface and is user-friendly. The developers deserve an accolade for its functionalities. This app makes it possible for me to swap 200+ currencies in seconds without leaving my own wallet. Wow"

Beno Baba

"Best app to buy and sell crypto cross-chain, very simple interface easy to use. I recommend must try once and you will like it so much! SWFT Telegram admin has been really helpful when I have questions and concerns."

Anuj Singh

"There are many bridges and cross-chain products but one of my favourite is SWFT's dApp. It's easy to use and has a huge amount of offering. I can buy tokens from a bunch different chains like CELO, FTM, AVAX, AXS, and ETH easily without all the complex bridging."


"SWFT is neat and clean, simple to use and cheap tool for managing and transfer cryptos. I can swap cryptos in less than 20 sec with the most competitive rate on the market. I can even do arbitration with this cute little app. "


Unlock more with SWFT Mobile App

Enjoy numerous unique features such as secure wallet, cross-chain swap, send & receive, red packets, and more!

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Send & Receive

Send & Receive instant transfers in over 500 cryptos to anyone, anywhere, over social medias using just a link.

swft swap

Swap over 500 cryptos across numerous supported blockchains directly and securely.

100% Secure Wallet

Secure wallet to store and manage over 500 cryptocurrencies across numerous blockchains.


Unique and innovative feature to share cryptocurrencies with up to 5000 people in a few clicks.

Chain Supported

Online Token

SWFT supports 800+ tokens across multiple mainnets, cross-chain swap, send & receive

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